SoRadar offers Simplified and Optimized radars for CS:GO.

Through a unique way to do, anything that is not optimized on official radar is now optimized with SoRadar: Inaccuracy, Missing objects, Radar size, etc.


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Pixel perfect

Unlike the way the developers of the game use, SoRadar uses an algorithm to detect, for each portion of the map, whether or not a player can access each place of the map, all very precisely.

Here, all elements of the map without exception will be reported on the radar.

Centered maps

For better visibility, all overviews are centered and adjusted to take all the available space.


Counter-Strike offers a feature for the radars which, current, is not used enough. It is possible to have up to three layers of radar per map, and SoRadar uses this feature to avoid overlays on the overview.

Extended palette

The colors used are similar to the original colors, but the palette is extended for the maps whose verticality is important, thus allowing to have a better readability of the altitude on the radar.

A different palette is provided for areas that are only accessible once crouched.

Plain background

Radar is an extremely important tool in CS:GO, and since it is viewed only very briefly, it seems obvious that it should not be polluted by unnecessary information. That's why SoRadar uses a plain black background.

Smart borders

Each border determines how it can be crossed thanks to its color. If it's white (and it is not the edge of the map), the wall can only be crossed with the help of a teammate (Boost). For gray borders, you just have to jump.

If a border is visible in the game but not on the radar, it is that you can cross it just by walking.

Easily updated

Because they are generated by an algorithm, the overviews can be quickly corrected when a map is updated.

Note that the algorithm can be improved even when there is no update. Feel free to come back regularly to see if overviews have been updated with new features!

VAC Free

The radars are part of the files that you can modify without being worried by VAC (As for your autoexec.cfg, or your config.cfg). There is no risk of being banned when using these radars.


SoRadar is a Freemium service, which means you can use it for free. Only specific or advanced features are only available for Premium users. For more information, visit the Patreon page.

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Keep in mind that an incredible amount hours of work have already gone into developing this nifty tool.
Many more are still being taken up by maintenance and improvements.
Your support allows me to continue to keep SoRadar up, just lend a hand :)

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